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Oyin Handmade - About Us

About Our Products

Our hair & body products speak for themselves, in the silky skin and happy hair of our satisfied customers. Our goodies are designed with a focus not only on aesthetics and styling, but the nourishment and health of hair & skin.

We are a family-owned company, named after the Yoruba word for ‘honey’ – one of nature’s most versatile beauty products! Honey has been used for centuries to not only soften and cleanse, but to also tone and hydrate the skin. It softens and moisturizes skin and as a humectant, helps skin to retain water. Honey dissolved in water is an excellent moisturizer, so we find it perfect for bath, skin and hair care products. Honey and beeswax both have a soothing effect on the most sensitive of skins.

Many of our products utilize the power and sweetness of honey, and all are made from scratch, by hand, in small batches to ensure freshness. We never use petroleum, silicones, parabens, or non-nourishing fillers – every ingredient in our mixtures has work to do! In our goodies you can find unrefined shea butter, nutritive sea vegetables, pure aloe vera juice, nourishing vitamins, and herbal infusions carefully chosen for their beneficial and healing properties.

Rich creams, botanical styling products, fragrant lotion bars, succulent SLS-free shampoo bars, and oil-free conditioner sprays… Oyin Handmade products are tried and tested by people with a wide range of skin sensitivities and hair needs, with results that can be seen in the testimonials that pepper our website. At Oyin, we believe the luxury of pure and natural hair and skin treatments should be accessible to all, even those without the time to spend researching ingredients, testing recipes, and slaving over a hot double-boiler. (smile)


About Our Company

Jamyla Bennu, ingredient-conscious & generally crafty chick - and Grand Mixtress of Oyin Handmade - has always been one for mixing things together and personalizing products for her own needs & preferences. It was about experimentation, having fun, and feeling in control of what she was using on her body.

When she realized that even some of her favorite ‘natural’ bodycare items tended to use petroleum, mineral oil, corn oil, or other non-nourishing ingredients; she decided she could do just as well by herself, and started working on her own recipes. With research, study, and good old trial & error, Oyin Handmade has strived since its beginning to create products that are not just natural, but nourishing.

Oyin Handmade was born in winter 2001 when Jamyla started sharing her all-natural bodycare products with a small circle of family and friends. From there, it moved to fairs and shows, and the website was launched in spring of 2003.

Joined by her husband and partner Pierre... and over the years by a slowly growing, dedicated, and brilliant team of Oyin HoneyBees... and a somewhat distracting but super fun set of HoneyBabies born in 2008 and 2010, we all work to bring love-filled, natural products from our hands to yours.

Come join Oyin in the fight against ash and the quest for a more supple world.