Honey Water - Hydrating Body Mist


HoneyWater is a perfect choice for those who don't like heavy oils, butters, or lotions on their skin but who want to join us in the QUEST against ASH! It's an oil-free concoction which drenches your skin in pure hydration, encouraging it to glisten and gleam while remaining light and airy. It's kind of got to be experienced to be believed. It's available in our four popular bodycare scents, all the better to enfold yourself in your favorite Oyin fragrance.

It's perfect for the summer months and warmer climates! So refreshing :o)

***NOW SEASONAL! Honey Water is now available in the Spring and Summer only!!***

Simple hydration... light and airy moisture... beautifully fragranced!
Ingredients: Filtered water, organic aloe vera juice, pure honey, vegetable glycerine, grapefruit seed extract, polysorbate 20, fragrance, and love!
  • (12/19/13)
    Review by laura
    DO NOT PUT THIS STUFF ON YOUR FACE IT WILL BURN FOREVER AND IT WONT STOP BURNING EVEN AFTER PUTTING YOUR FACE IN THE SHOWER FOR 30 MIN. Other than that I love it for my ashy elbows and knees! I also love that it's never greasy feeling. And the smell is amazing, I got the original honey scent.
  • (11/25/13)
    Review by Marilyn
    I originally bought the Honey Water in Coconut Mango as a body mist, but when I did not want to use only water as a liquid moisturizer, I looked at the ingredients on the bottle and decided it would work as a spritz in my hair! The honey water leaves my hair soft, not weighed down. Don't hesitate to try the Honey Water, it is one of the best purchases I have made! OH has been a blessing in my and my sisters,niece, and great-niece's HHGJ!!
  • (8/8/13)
    Review by erika
    I use this during the summer months for my daughter and I. It is great to spray all over, rub it in and go. And it lasts all day.
  • (8/7/13)
    Review by Aki
    Yeah, it fights ash. Yeah, the glycerin attracts moisture to your skin to keep you soft and glowy in the summer...yeah, no, I agree! Those are great things. The greatest thing though, the GREATEST? Is the smell of the "original" honey scent. People at the gym are attracted to it and when I'm done spritzing post workout? There's a bevy of women in various states of undress asking me what perfume I'm using. It has been known to get your girl a free falafel plate or two on occasion.
  • (8/7/13)
    Review by Calvin
    Quite often, people come up to me and say, "WHATCHU WEARIN'? YOU BE SMELLIN' GOOOOOD!"

    OK, they don't exactly say that. They say something more like, "What kind of cologne do you have on today? It smells SO good!" Every time, I refer them back to Oyin Handmade's Black Cedar Fig Honey Water.

    This honey water got me smellin' right! The scent is masculine yet sweet and clean. I smell like I'm in a pine forest built inside a Christmas dessert bakery (I hope that makes sense). I have totally replaced all my colognes (I only had one) with this honey water, and I wear it on the daily.

    MEN, this is a must for you! Get it if you don't already have it!
  • (8/6/13)
    Review by Nikasha
    Honey Water is great to keep a mini In your purse in the summer for those stubborn heels that you want to touch up without risking sliding in your shoes. I used it while vacationing in Cancun after not being able to pick up color for 2 days. Within 2 hours I was a velvety chocolate and I LOVED IT. I will also use this as a tanner product.
  • (8/4/13)
    Review by Alexis
    As you can see from my other review black cedar fig is my favorite scent. I can't for the life of me figure out how something so lite can keep me moisturized all day. I can mix lotion with oils and never get these results. Need to stock up again, it goes fast in my house!
  • (8/3/13)
    Review by Tasha
    The Honey Water is a must have during the summer. I just love how it softens my skin and doesn't leave it oily.I just spray it on my skin after a shower and I am good to go. My favorites scent are the Original Honey, Rich Almond, and Black Cedar Fig. I only wish the mini size would come in all the scents.
  • (8/3/13)
    Review by Tea
    By far one of my favorite products. I know this is geared to use for your body but I use it all over. The honey aroma is so enticing and I like to spritz my hair with it so I can smell it all day. It's not heavy at all or weighs down my hair. I have a h20 mist I use in the summer. If I want to waken myself up I will use this on my face under my makeup. I just need a matching honey lotion or something lol. It's divine.
  • (7/31/13)
    Review by al
    I recently bought the honey water in the almond scent and I love the way it make my skin feel without the greasiness of lotion! It smells awesome and locks in moisture. It last all day as well.I was pleasantly surprised by this product and will continue to use:)

honey water - group - 8oz

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  • honey water - group - 8oz
  • honey water - original honey - 8oz
  • honey water - coco mango - 8oz
  • honey water - black cedar fig - 8oz
  • honey water - rich almond- 8oz

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